Kenrick Yee

Kuala Lumpur

The unsupervised child

Trouble was never far away during my formative years. Playing both the angel and devil of my thoughts, words and action - I create turbulence just so that I can play Presto The Magician vs Venger. Why Presto? Because he doesn’t know how to react when he is needed, but never fails to conjure magical deeds in the end. Young, foolish, naive, mischievous and fortuitous - those were the keywords to describe me.

The attention-seeking teenage rebel

Naturally, I crave to be the centre of attention. Most professionals will link such behaviour to a child’s upbringing, and I must say that’s a fact. Misunderstandings aside, I have doting parents and loving siblings. But when the spotlight isn’t shining on me, I hunt for it. Always seeking ways to be the protagonist of every story, I chase challenges. What’s important to me isn’t winning the game but the chance to prove a point. I see myself as a trailblazer, THE creator of unforgettable memories and experiences.

The best artist

Life is dictated by the values and belief of oneself. Upbringing shaped my inner strength and it has led me to different routes in my career path. This diversity has given me much joy and wisdom. I received invaluable guidance from various personalities that I encountered along the way, some acknowledged as my lifelong mentors. “Fredo” taught us that magic grows from curiosity. I personalise my traits to each role I play at work. My trail of work experiences is somewhat a testament to “adulting”. I assist companies to innovate and grow their businesses by applying fresh ideas and new methods armed with modern technology. In recent years, my focus is on ideation strategies to create better products and systems, mobile app development and project management. I am hungry for more success earned through building your brand. We can let your ideas take centre stage with innovative and prolific strategies.