About Stream

Stream is a branding and product design agency created by Malaysians to help growing businesses connect better with the world and achieve significant growth. We help you identify what your customers really desire and need - and then craft a strategy to match those needs. The result? More effective marketing and better ROI.

Stream is set-up under the umbrella of Dfrais Sdn Bhd, itself a design and strategy company. Our work encompasses branding and strategy, smart marketing, website mobile app tech, user experience and interface, 3D and animation as well as video and motion. Our partners are practicing designers, website developers and copywriters, and whether they work collaboratively or independently, they always do so in friendship.

The way we work is that we, the creators, are also the owners of the business and we serve as the primary contact for every client. This reflects our personal commitment and conviction as well as our passion for great design, where we maintain a versatile portfolio and avail ourselves to all industries.

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A clear brand identity that rallies your staff to support your vision, and turning customers into fans.

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